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Baška is a small village situated on Island Krk, the most populated and second biggest island in Croatia. Baška is historically famous because it is the hometown of Bašćanska ploča (Baška tablet) - one of the oldest monuments containing an inscription in the Glagolitic script, dating back to 1100AD. This monument shows just how important Baška once was. Our mission is to share the story of our little town with others and make them fall in love with Baška. With over 115 years of active tourism, it is clear that Baška became a favorite destination for many.


Baška is a destination that has it all. From secluded beaches reachable only by boat or by foot to beautiful mountains filled with pine tree shadows but also endless rocky plateaus. Baška is an active holiday paradise! Swimming, walking, running, trekking, climbing, cycling, diving are just some of the activities that Baška offers. If sports are not your thing, sun tanning definitely counts as an activity!

Our 2km long Vela plaža, but also several smaller beaches along the coast, are picture-perfect pebble beaches with the sandy seabed. These types of beaches are great for families with children.

Useful sites:

Visit Baska

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